Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I don't gamble but I want to buy a lotto ticket. I want to win 100+ mil. I would go put in a large ad in every city in Texas: "Contact me, I will consider paying the expense of your malpractice lawsuit that financially isn't worth a lawyer's time. You know the malpractice that led to the  death of a family  member or one who is permanently disabled like me. I would hire 20 lawyers so they can look the cases over and give me their opinions and quotes. So much for wishing your highest hopes and dreams would come true. Brainstorm and help me stop this without wishful thinking with all odds against me.
This hospital is one of highest ratings of the nation. My surgeon is listed as one of their top thoracic surgeons. There is nothing on his records to suggest otherwise.

  They are talking about it everywhere! Drs. are against the caps on malpractice suits. When it hits home....
70% lower risk of dying in a 5 star hospital. We have those at the Houston Medical Center.
About 1 of 5 in Texas are considered living in poverty.  Poorest town in the US is Mcallen, Tx
If you could actually see the chart, it's unbelievable. We have the most uninsured.
Texas Baptist verified the statistics. We have jobs. The poor work, but their salaries are below the poverty line.  These citizens when they get medical treatment; the government  picks up the tab. So, if any malpractice is done; no one will know. The law states government asssitant patients can't sue.

Malpractice cases are not being found on record. I have the consent form on what surgery I should had. I have the operative report that is different from the intraoperative report. Yet, it is still not down as anything unusual on any legal record. The next patient doesn't know there is a problem. American Physicians and Surgeons Association (APSA)  filed a lawsuit against the Texas Medical Board of Examiners for intimidating them.  I didn't know you could do that.  They can sue the only area of hope to possibly receive validation.  I quess it's not a frivilous lawsuit.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Texas Tort Reform entails  website is closed. It was there a few days ago. It's about suing and they have laws where you can move the blame. For instance mine if you sue the  surgeon that operated, he can move the blame to the Dr. that requested it..... There is so many that messed up with me. It was like a domino effect. Bottom line it was the doctor doing the wrong surgery and no one knew it.

If you can't win your law suit, they can make you pay the cost of them going to court against you,   Yep, you die.

Stop the leeches! Fight against Hospitals & Surgeons who make them eligible for SSD. :)

Lawsuit? The limit cap isn't worth the lawyers time with all the cost.

We are injured. We are dying.  We have spoken to several attorneys and it goes back to tort reform. We are silenced and we are alone.  We live among you. Most of us were elderly and disabled. We were going  to die anyway, right?  I am taking my last days to write about the next person. The one that is being operated on by my surgeon, right now. The one that is a member of your family, later. Hopefully, I can get help to stop it.  I would rather not concern myself. Yet, if people die because I remained silent; is that me?  Help me help others from dying. Leave me any suggestions.   I have a good case. It's just it cost more than I am allowed to collect to take it to court. I had the wrong surgery. I went in for a lymph node biopsy and I lost a great deal of lung. The surgeon purposely cut it out!! He knew better than me. He didn't have my consent, either. Right before, I was skydiving. I am now so disabled it took me 2 months to get approved for SSD and I didn't have a lawyer.  The Drs. wouldn't tell me what they had done to me.  I had to pay $460 to the hospital to get my records. I could have received the records free if I had went through the Drs. that were not talking to me.  Do you think it will never happen to you? I didn't even know it happened to anyone.
March 13, 2012  I spoke with a lawyer today. It should not matter but I will answer the question. I was not under any government assistance. I have full coverage UHC healthcare through the retirement with AT&T. I retired with 30 years on Feb 15, 2009 and started an all day College program for Medical Coding and Billing National license on Feb 23, 2009.  I achieved my license with honors.  I was looking at working from home and selling products. I had a life. I did start collecting  unemployment for a duration after receiving my license and started applying for positions.  I quit my unemployment benefits to clear the situation with the FUO condition, that periodically showed its head, before working for an employer. I decided to try juicing and all my symptoms disappeared. Three doctors and I were leaning toward the lapband that I had put in. We suspected aspirations.  I had several areas I wanted to pursue. I decided to weigh my options. I unloaded pallets of grass and planted flowers.  I brainstormed my future and jumped out of a plane. I did not collect SSD until they did the operation that I told them under no condition to do. They said it matters that I did not work. It brings the amount  I  am allowed to collect lower. Really?  I wasn't working?  They cut my lung out!

March  19, 2012  Last night I really cried. I cried like a baby. Normally, I keep emotions intact. It's just this overwhelming disbelief came over me that Drs can take you in an operating room and do surgery that will destroy your life against your will and it's acceptable. Where have I been; na na land?.

March 20, 2012  There is 6000 complaints filed a year with Texas Medical Board of Examiners. There are 250 - 300 physicians that are reprimanded.  The Medical Board has strict guidlines since the lawsuit by APSA regarding harrassment towards physicians. Your case can easily be thrown out. I sure hope I answered all the lies. I tried.. Why would it matter if he did it without consent? He did it without consent, period!   

March 20, 2012   The pulmonologist, who checked me in the hospital, is the recepient of the 2012 critical care excellence award.. Although he wouldn't tell me what happen; he's the reason I'm alive. The oncologist said I was lucky I was alive; I just didn't know.

I researched and can answer every falsified report since my surgery. Those falsified physician reports do not match the cds of test I bought or the 997 pages hospital report.
I was denied home care because the Surgeon said I only had a biopsy. If I was having trouble, it was because I was fat!